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Duravit, collection LUV - design Cecilie Manz

| Designbest editorial staff


right, simple and with a feminine elegance that can be seen in its details and the attention given to its choice of forms. LUV is a hugely successful bathroom collection that is made up of washbasins, washbowls, vanity units, mirrors and bathtubs with soft and enveloping edges.

It is a tribute to Nordic design—that aesthetic which plays with light and an indisputably refined purism. It has won over architects, interior designers and, most of all, a public sensitive and attentive to not only creating a beautiful bathroom but also a relaxing and harmonious space inside the home.


  • What it is  The LUV collection by Duravit is an authentic integrated bathroom project where the elements that make it up get blended and support one another, giving personality and definition to a space that goes beyond its primary function. It becomes a place where wellness is married with aesthetics. 
  • How it is made  For 2020 a new finish gets added to the series and its already rich “lessons in style”: Almond satin matt. With a warm and sober look, this new shade enhances the interaction with the vibrant and intense colors and creates pleasant contrasts with the bathroom’s prevalent natural shades like green and gray. Four different consoles in recomposed quartz and solid wood allow one to customize the bathroom even more. Five oval DuraCeram® washbowls are available in various sizes and four different colors. There is space also for the mirrors with rounded corners, which have been improved both in size and function: they are equipped with an anti-fogging system and, in the new version, also a light with adjustable colors. 
  • What makes it special  It is a series that combines “gentle” colors and forms, creating the perfect balance between the various elements that make up the bathroom. The result is a calm and elegantly minimalist space.
  • Whose idea it is  The design is openly Nordic, as is the designer who created its forms. We are speaking of the Danish industrial designer Cecilie Manz. Born in 1972, she studied at the Danish School of Design and at the Helsinki University of Art and Design. She has worked with furniture, lamp and decorative design. She collaborates with international brands like Fritz Hansen, Duravit, Lightyears and has received prestigious international prizes and awards for design. 
  • We chose it because  It is the epitome of Scandinavian design—constructed through a detailed analysis of form and its simplification. Everything depends on the “material” value of light and color and on the geometry of the décor. The result is a space full of wellness that gives off peace and serenity. 



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