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Lema, MyNight bed - design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti

| Designbest editorial staff


ith a slender structure and extra-large cushions, here is the most contemporary of bedrooms. This harmonious mix of large volumes and clean lines makes the double bed the essence of comfort in order to provide us with luxurious relaxation.


  • What it is MyNight by Lema, the latest bed.
  • What makes it special This bed combines geometric elegance which almost floats in midair with the reassuring comfort of soft and well-balanced proportions. It provides meticulously researched harmony that focuses on simplicity while still being able to create a luxurious bed.
  • How it is made It is a double bed characterized by imposing volumes and a high mattress in contrast (yet harmonious) with its minimal platform. The soft and wide headboard is made up of two leather or fabric cushions with stitching and refined details, while the feet are available in two heights.
  • Whose idea it is Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, architects whose work ranges from architecture to interior and product design and exhibitions. Their projects are always versatile and include a wide range of influences, in a combination of design culture, technique, product quality and a creative vision.
  • We chose it because‚Ķ It turns comfort into a form of austere, intimate and refined minimalism, and brings us back to haute couture elegance that is able to be both modern and timeless.



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