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Baleri Italia, collection Trays - design P+F Architetti

| Designbest editorial staff


haracterful new products put on display with the old, timeless icons, revisited under a new light and in a new colour palette. In occasion of the Milan Design Week 2018, Baleri Italia has come out with a totally new look: thanks to Aldo Parisotto of P+F Architetti, the brand’s new art director, who has tried to re-launch the brand whilst trying to preserve the Baleri Italia’s heritage and subtle irony.

Drawing on contemporary aesthetics, function, versatility and top-quality manufacture, international designers and emerging talents have been called to contribute to the new collection, designing versatile products able to satisfy the new needs of contemporary life.

There are many new products: the mini-collection designed by the Swedish architects, designers Claesson Koivisto Rune (it includes Miss Match, a modular sofa, Picos, a coffee table range and Roundel, a sculptural breakfast table); Trays, the seating series inspired by the fifties designed by Parisotto + Formenton; Kin, a range of dining chairs suitable for private homes and offices designed by Radice Orlandini designstudio; Match Point, a set of three coffee tables by Omri Revesz; Chromosome X & Chromosome Y, the set of oversized seating by Denis Santachiara.

Radical and dynamic at the same time, simple yet unexpected, Baleri Italia was started in 1984 by Enrico Baleri and Marilisa Baleri Decimo with the main intent of combining radicalism with hi-tech. In fact, Hans Hollein, Philippe Starck, Alessandro Mendini and Riccardo Dalisi were chosen as chief designers as they were leading figures of rationalist design. Baleri adapted their designs to suit the needs of the market: for example, Richard III, the armchair by Starck, was extremely popular mainly thanks to technology integrated by Enrico Baleri himself – from a chair in cast iron (according to the original project) to an object with the same shape yet moulded from a single polyurethane piece.

Coherence, irony, lightness, uniqueness and practicality: these were (and still are) the brand’s main principles that over the years has developed products with a strong formal and functional content, committed to innovation.

Nowadays, the technological experimentation is still a key part of Baleri Italia that with this restyling, stressed the importance on the evocative aspect of design and, with contrasting colours and different materials, introduces new ways of life.

With a mouth-watering cutting-edge collection.


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