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Working Space Pedrali

| Designbest editorial staff


edrali presents the office of the future with dynamic and configurable furniture solutions made to satisfy the latest demands of the world of work. Workings Spaces is their new project dedicated to the contract sector.

Over the last few years, the office has undergone big changes. Closed spaces have given way to multifunctional open spaces where sharing and flexibility are the order of the day. Even the borders between the home and the office have been blurred. With today’s health crisis, the office has become an even more dynamic space that is functional and modular depending on the needs of the moment. Conference rooms get turned into individual work stations, informal spaces protect sound and visual privacy (even at home), and specifically designed areas ensure the training of new staff in total safety and in compliance with social distancing regulations.

Today more than ever, furniture plays a fundamental role in this new vision of our workspace—in the office or at home. That’s why Pedrali has decided to introduce Working Spaces, a brand-new collection capable of creating working environments geared towards wellness and with versatile solutions, innovative materials and antibacterial properties for maximum cleanliness.

Standing out among the new releases, the dividing screens and movable walls are indispensable for creating welcoming and intimate spaces in complete privacy and safety. For example, Buddy Hub (the latest addition to the Buddy family) is a sofa with soft lines designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli that gets embraced by a sound-absorbing panel, creating a truly private cocoon. But it can also turn into a social working space by simply putting two pieces in front of each other and connecting them with a panel equipped with a small table for hosting informal meetings and break-out areas—all without giving up on comfort.

buddy hub

Buddy Hub - design Busetti,Garuti, Redaelli


Meanwhile, Ypsilon Connect is a sound-absorbing and freestanding panel designed by Jorge Pensi. Made of sound-absorbing panels hooked to a structure with two diecast aluminum bases and extruded aluminum columns, it can be freely customized to set the room up as one pleases, down to the last centimeter. Each side of the panel can be equipped with various accessories (a magnetic board, shelves, clothes hooks, and even a monitor) to create a tailormade work space, while various panels pushed together can create an infinite variety of dividing walls.

ypsilon connect

Ypsilon Connect - design Jorge Pensi


The Temps low back, once again designed by Jorge Pens, is the new version of the Temps seat featuring a lower backrest. Conceived for conference rooms, it could even be used in at home. With minimal design, a height-adjustable diecast aluminum base, and a synchronized mechanism that regulates oscillation based on the weight of the person seated, this polyurethane seat is the perfect synthesis of ergonomics and comfort.

Temps low back - design Jorge Pensi


With privacy always in mind, there is the Toa Folding Screen: a sound-absorbing dividing panel for a table designed by Rizzini. Light and foldable, it is indispensable for those who work from home and need to create their space in the living room or kitchen, far from family chaos. And when it is no longer needed, it closes and takes up just 4 centimeters of space.

toa folding

Toa Folding Screen - design Robin Rizzini


Instead, the adjustable Arki-Table is a single workstation (introduced in 2019) that allows one to regulate the height of its surface with an electric mechanism so you can work both while sitting or standing. It can even be fitted with a sound-absorbing dividing panel. In addition, the Arki-Desk and Arki-Bench, a simple and versatile table and a modular bench fit for outdoor spaces, have been added to the Arki family.


Arki-Table adjustable - design Pedrali R&D

Arki-Bench - design Pedrali R&D / Arki-Desk  - design Pedrali R&D


Other functional working surfaces are available: the tilting version of the Ypsilon table designed by Jorge Pensi from 2018 with wheels and a foldable top, and the Toa table designed by Robin Rizzini, now available in other sizes. Light and minimal, this table plays with a bold geometric design to give style to every space, from the office to the home. Its versatility and multitasking core are revealed as well by the three types of top-access for the best in electrical wire management. Here is a custom collection that focuses on the details in order to offer the best in functionality, without giving up on style.

Ypsilon Tilting - design Jorge Pensi  / Toa - design Robin Rizzini



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