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| Designbest editorial staff


With multifunctional furniture systems, consistently more dynamic architectonic structures, space-saving design and proposals for every need in the home, Zalf, a Euromobil brand specialized in living room, bedroom and home office furniture, has introduced a new concept of the wardrobe. They create genuine “treasure chests” which hide TVs, desks, appliances, beds and even “secret rooms”.

The latest wardrobes designed by Zalf are much more than simple containers. They open doors to boundless worlds. Consider the Ciak door, which says a lot about the Alterna model: a wardrobe which turns into an innovative TV stand system. The monitor is built-in to the door itself and can be adjusted by simply opening or closing the door. And what if instead of relaxing we need to work? No problem. Zalf has also considered the home office and its wardrobes reveal mini-offices with desks with cable glands and LED lights. The same goes for unexpected guests. With this “Guest room” fold-away module, all you need to do is rotate the door from the vertical position to the horizontal one to instantly have a double or queen bed. If you choose a module with a door with a L-positioned rear finish, you can create a distinct area of the home, as if were an extra room.

Simple, brilliant, spacious and practical, the Zalf wardrobes also experiment with aesthetics. For example, Alterna’s Plana door turns into a secret passage which leads us into the adjacent space. It is the ideal solution for organizing a loft or obtaining an extra space for keeping things tidy.

And while thinking about tidiness, there had to be a closet where you can organize appliances, shoe racks and other objects that you don’t want to leave in sight. Missing the right space in your home? It’s all taken care of. Whether in the living room or bedroom, with Zalf all you need to do is close the doors to keep everything hidden, and you will find yourself in front of an elegant, rigorous and unsuspecting wardrobe.



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