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Gebruder Thonet Vienna. Feng screen - design Testatonda

| Designbest editorial staff


hat’s the latest intriguing object in décor? In our opinion, it is this screen which toys with refined graphic design and a dreamy and bold flourish in order to create unique domestic scenes dedicated to privacy, timeless beauty and contemporary aesthetics.


  • What it is Feng by Gebruder Thonet Vienna, the wood and fabric screen.
  • What makes it special The “shibumi” is the Japanese concept of discrete beauty which is characterized by harmonious forms, minimalist materials and attention-to-details. Here it results in a bold object with an elegant form which does not, however, upset the perfect balance of its refined aesthetics.
  • How it is made The lacquered wooden legs are placed on brass feet, while the central canopy opens up as if it were inflated by the wind (hence the name Feng, meaning wind or breeze), challenging the linearity of the design. Freely modular, it is made up of two or three fabric canopies which create a variety of setups.
  • Whose idea it is Testatonda, a group of three young designers which creates furniture and objects capable of producing a brand-new and refined kind of functionality. The group is specialized in architecture, design and Made-In-Italy craftsmanship. Always inspired by artisans, the group’s objective is to reproduce the concept of discrete, yet sublime, beauty that is capable of standing out and giving the room character.
  • We chose it because… Feng is dynamic, bold, decisive, and at the same time light and poetic with a delicate flourish. It is the perfect expression of archetypal, sophisticated and timeless beauty.



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