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Cattelan Italia, table Premier Crystalart Drive - design Andrea Lucatello

| Designbest editorial staff


is a question of grammar. The design of a table follows precise rules, but it is in the combination of its alphabet—made up of legs, tops, materials and forms—that defines its identity and role inside a domestic space. Contemporary style favors rigorous and light lines, clean volumes that play with different material pairings and particular surface textures.

The tops can be rectangular or oval, but the materials are what make the difference and create the style of the interior design in which they are placed. In its semantic construction, this works alongside the support structure. An example? The Premier Crystalart Drive table by Cattelan Italia.


  • What it is Premier Crystalart Drive by Cattelan Italia is an extendable table with pure and rigorous lines that plays on the theme of lightness. Thanks to its design it is perfectly insertable into both contemporary and classical living contexts.
  • How it is made The support base is made of steel and is available in in titanium, graphite and black embossed lacquered finishes. The top is made of crystal, and the table will come in three dimensions.
  • What makes it special The top is held up by a metal base that ‘graphically’ plays with the simplicity of the whole. It becomes an element of design capable of providing and defining the identity of the product.
  • Whose idea it is The Premier table series carries the signature of Andrea Lucatello, the industrial designer with a studio in Biancade (Treviso), Italy. From a very early age he carried out a varied and intense professional life that allowed him to build up solid experience in the design and product development sector with particular attention given to production techniques, processes and knowledge of composite materials used in furniture and boating.
  • We chose it because it is a joyous synthesis of the technical knowledge of materials and the ability of reducing, understood as expressing eloquence and versatility in interpreting the lifestyle of contemporary home design.


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