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Marazzi Special Bathroom

| Designbest editorial staff


ith eight different types of bathrooms that offer us innovative perspectives and ways of experiencing wellness, Marazzi presents Special Bathroom. It is a new project that plays with an infinite number of material combinations in order to reinterpret the same typology of bathroom with everchanging moods.

With the interplay of color, variable geometry and exuberant decoration, creativity takes centerstage and allows space for endless impressions in a room that is in continual evolution. Once a “service room”, in contemporary culture the bathroom has become more and more a place of wellness and self-care—a private room, a spa, an intimate lounge and “boutique” to show off and customize with sculptural fixtures, striking tiles and haute couture graphics. It is a true symbol of our personal lifestyles and a place to be experienced in all respects.

That’s why Marazzi thought of remixing canonical home aesthetics to shape, both from a material and architectonic point of view, the contemporary ways of living the bathroom by suggesting two different material combinations for each of the 8 choices. The first of the proposals, Stylish&Decorative is a mood that plays on the pairing of variable colors and geometry that evoke the timeless style of Gio Ponti: a mosaic of pink and shades of blue, seventies graphics and silky textures that intermingle and pursue one another. And they put the versatility of Marazzi’s collections on display with their ability to acquire an infinite number of nuances in order to satisfy everyone’s needs.

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