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MDF Italia, sofa Thea

| Designbest editorial staff


hea by MDF Italia is the latest in modular sofas: monolithic silhouette, comfortable design and crisp aesthetics. What’s more, Thea by MDF Italia has a clean and simple line, which hides remarkable functionality.

What is it? Thea by MDF Italia is a modular sofa.

What is special about it? Thea is a modular sofa with crisp aesthetics. Plus, it’s the perfect companion to your busy modern lifestyle, suitable for any occasion and space requirements.

How is it made? Structural frame in a mix of solid timber and plywood, base fitted with elastic straps, padding in expanded polyurethane with a further layer in wadding and polyester. Thea includes six different modular units, which, using a simple system of hooks, can be freely assembled to suit individual space requirements. Plus, loose fabric cover with piping in a contrasting tone (dove-grey or dark grey), available in a variety of different colours and fabric choices. Thea also comes with six different accessories: quilt, cervical pillow, lumbar support, square cushion, blanket and tray.

Who is it by? Colombian industrial designer Lina Obregón has teamed up with fashion designer Carolina Galan, also from Colombia, to design Thea, an extremely trendy piece inspired by the world of fashion.

We have chosen it because… Thea brings together elegant aesthetics and total comfort. Plus, this extremely versatile piece with six modular units and complementary accessories is perfect for any occasion, decor and space requirement.

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