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Natchar Sawatdichai, roman blinds Paper Blinds - Through the Day 

| Designbest editorial staff


o you remember the Roman blinds that were so popular during the eighties? Well, they have made a comeback, ready to revolutionise the home décor scene: they have a new, light, spectacular aesthetic and similarly to an origami, they are made entirely out of paper.


  • What is it? Through the day part of the range Paper Blinds by Natchar Sawatdichai, the Roman blind made from origami paper.  
  • What is special It’s a Roman blind in paper, folded according to the Origami technique. It’s made from a combination of newspaper and Hanji paper (a type of handmade paper traditionally used in Korea) that is transformed into spectacular, sustainable curtains that are practical too (you only have to pull them out of the support bracket to replace them).
  • How is it made This simple Roman blind is made from a combination of newspaper and Hanji paper: its honeycomb structure is made using special machinery that perfectly folds the corners, creating in turn an origami-like three-dimensional effect. Integrated in the sheets of paper, the threads act as a pulley, so you are able to adjust the curtains from the interior as well. Entirely sustainable, the collection is available in four different colours: warm-white, royal-blue, sand-yellow and sunset-pink. The blinds are easily replaced: you pull them out of the support bracket and you adjust the length by cutting both edges and connecting them to the bracket.
  • Who is it by Of Thai origin, Natchar Sawatdichai is a new, emerging British designer. Recently graduated from Kingston University in London with a masters in Product and Furniture Design, she considers paper as the sustainable, accessible and recyclable alternative to the synthetic fibres currently used to make curtains.
  • We have chosen it because… Spectacular, poetical and extraordinary, this type of curtain has left us speechless. Besides, it’s sustainable too: it perfectly transforms an eighties throwback (the old Roman blinds) in a real must-have for the modern home.


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