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Guzzini, Tiffany lamp

| Designbest editorial staff


iny, quaint, retro-inspired and deliciously avant-garde: this is our favourite bedside lamp. With Leds and rechargeable batteries, it’s perfect to light up every corner of the home. Or alternatively, a gift under the Christmas tree.


  • What is it Tiffany by Guzzini, the rechargeable bedside lamp with integrated Leds.
  • What is special It perfectly combines tradition with contemporary innovation. Its romantic, quaint style is inspired by the old bedside lamps, although it’s integrated as well with cutting-edge technology and produces a warm Led light.
  • How is it made It’s made of PMMA in a glossy finish with a convex lampshade and a stem with integrated warm-light Led (3.000 K). The lampshade has an anti-glare texture, whereas the base has an integrated touch switch that acts as a dimmer too. Beside the touch switch, there is a red Led that indicates when the battery is low, while a blue light turns on as it’s charging. It’s available in several colours.
  • Who is it Pio and Tito Toso are Venetian brothers who graduated in architecture in 1998. Partners of studio Pio&TitoToso, they work in Italy and abroad in the fields of architecture, design and furniture design. They work in partnership with a great number of design brands and have won several coveted awards.
  • We have chosen it because…  Christmas is approaching steadfast and we have already began to think of ways to create the perfect feel. Begin with the right type of lighting: romantic, cheerful and wireless, it "decorates" every corner of the house as well as being the perfect gift for friends and family.


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