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Unopiù, collection TLine - design Adam D. Tihany

| Designbest editorial staff


n times of self-confinement, one mustn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful garden or terrace. One needs to think of the outdoors as an extension of the everyday activities that take place inside today: eating, reading, listening to music and studying. It should be a sort of multifunctional living room organized with furniture that combines elegance, comfort and lightness. This holds especially true because summertime is shaping up to be spent at home. So, it is better to surround oneself with greenery, colors and beautiful design by carving out a little piece of heaven where one can plan next year’s summer vacation.


  • What it is TLine by Unopiù is the new lightly and exquisitely designed collection by Unopiù. It is made up of armchairs, chairs, sunbeds and two and three-seater stackable sofas in a coordination of versatile and well-rounded elements. Aesthetically it satisfies both cultivators of austere elegance and those more inclined to vintage décor.
  • What makes it special TLine sets itself apart for its restrained beauty made up of a balance of both full and empty spaces and contemporary architecture references and design. In fact, by observing the perforated surfaces of the seats one is instantly reminded of the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris by Jean Nouvel.
  • How it is made The collection is made in white or graphite aluminum or, alternatively, acrylic. It is extremely light, robust, resistant and perfect for use in public or private spaces. The structure is available both in steel and aluminum. The collection’s accessories include cushions attachable to the backrests.
  • Whose idea it is The design of the TLine collection carries the signature of Adam D. Tihany, one of the most well-known and qualified interior designers in the contract furniture sector. He has worked all over the world in every design field—from product design to interior design for commercial spaces, hotels and housing. In 1991 he was inducted in to the Interior Design Hall of Fame thanks to his creation of the first grand café in New York, La Coupole.
  • We chose it because Its design is sophisticated with soft shapes and perforated patterns that not only graphically design the seats surfaces but also create spectacular projections of light and shadow on the floors and walls as if it we kaleidoscope. 


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