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Boffi, indoor vegetable garden Tomato+

| Designbest editorial staff


hat if we told you, you can now grow fresh produce sitting comfortably at home? Yes that’s right, Tomato+ by Boffi is a dream come true. Tomato+ by Boffi is a ground breaking indoor vegetable garden, which enables you to have fresh herbs and produce all year round.

  • What is it? Tomato+ by Boffi is an indoor vegetable garden.
  • What is special about it? Tomato+ is a small indoor vegetable garden, which all you to have fresh produce all year round. Just like a real greenhouse, Tomato+ grows vegetables, herbs and shoots, your daily source for minerals and vitamins.
  • How is it made? Steel frame and casing in nontoxic plastic, doors in aluminium and multilayered glass, which is in turn fitted with a conductive film in a liquid-crystal polymer. Interior fitted with LED technology, which duplicates the daily cycle of natural light, and shelves which support pod trays. Seeds are planted in biodegradable pods. Tomato+ can adjust light, humidity and temperature, so you can grow 30 different kinds of vegetables all year round. Plus you can access Tomato+ via Apple, Android and Bluetooth.
  • Who is it by? Set up in 1934, throughout its 80 year-long career, brand Boffi has constantly met the needs of a rapidly changing market. Superior design coupled with innovation; this is what has made Boffi one of the key players on the international scene.
  • We have chosen it because… It’s such a treat to be able to have fresh produce all year round, and what could be better than growing vegetables, shoots and herbs in the city. Tomato+ by Boffi doesn’t even require a patch of grass! 


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