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Nodus Rug, rug Topographie Imaginaire

| Designbest editorial staff


magine a fantastic land and then imagine its topographic map. And this is what Matali Crasset did: the result is a whimsical rug with a poetical feel which makes us feel like in a dream.

  • What is it? Topographie Imaginaire by Nodus, a handmade rug in wool and silk.
  • What’s special about it? It looks more like tapestry than a rug. This is an enchanting work of art which fills the space with a magical vibe. Made of natural materials, this handcrafted rug is both precious and suggestive.
  • How is it made? Handcrafted in Nepal, Topographie Imaginaire is made of silk, bamboo, wool, hemp and linen. Available in two sizes.
  • Who is it by? Matali Crasset, a designer who combines innovation and pure imagination. So, it’s no surprise that her works are inspired by daily life and break the boundaries of conventional furniture design, always striving for true innovation.
  • We have chosen it because…. This rug makes us daydream and brings out our creative spirit. Rotate it or move it here and there to create unconventional spaces, be it either in the sitting room, bedroom, kids room or even in the studio.
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