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Euromobil, Totem bookcase

| Designbest editorial staff


nique, practical, minimal and versatile, this is the bookcase of 2021. It is a genuine system made up of a few decisive details and a structure that allows for countless stylish interpretations.


  • What it is Totem by Euromobil, the new bookcase-system.
  • What makes it special In addition to being completely customizable, this practical and exclusive bookcase is available in a sophisticated finishe obtained from an innovative technology. The wood veneer surface is just 1mm thick and has been imprinted with unique textures and a light 3D look.
  • How it is made It is an aluminum bookcase-system which can be freely fitted with shelves, compartments and desks. Made with the new high-quality Wood Canetè material, it is available in brown and black. In addition to glass or melamine shelves, desks and storage compartments with various opening systems can be added, along with dimmable LED lights on the side of the load-bearing aluminum structure. It can be positioned in the center of the room or attached to the wall.
  • Whose idea it is Roberto Gobbo, the architect from Treviso who was born in 1956. An eclectic artist, TV director and industrial designer, he has worked with and curated various exhibitions and outfittings for the leading designer brands. His designs always offer an original and exclusive interpretation of everyday life.
  • We chose it because… It is a light and versatile bookcase (with few attachment points) which guarantees a strong visual impact, whatever the composition. This icon of the 1950s has been reinterpreted and enhanced with sophisticated details like vertical lights on its side which highlight the structure with minimal and impeccable elegance.



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