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Molteni&C, workstation Touch Down Unit - design Studio Klass

| Designbest editorial staff



n the era of teleworking throwing together a studio or home office a has become a new styling exercise. And this impeccable workstation by Unifor (part of the Molteni&C Group)—initially created for company offices and now, with the new home version, fully established in the Molteni&C collection—is the missing piece. Independent, mobile, with an adjustable top and a compact body, it is the perfect paradigm of functionality and refinement.


  • What it is Touch Down Unit by Molteni&C, the new compact and ergonomic workstation.
  • What makes it special When closed it is a compact and discrete piece of furniture that can be left at the entrance. When opened it can be instead transformed into a fully-equipped and ergonomic office to be moved wherever and however you want.
  • How it is made   Coming from two-and-a-half years of research and experimentation, this innovative desk is a real and true multitasking workstation. Ergonomic, compact and mobile, attached to its metal structure there its upright, a height-adjustable and sliding worktop, the positioning devices that reveal and hide its containers and shelves, and wheels at its base for easy movement. It is equipped with a battery recharger and USB port for a computer or electronic device, and it allows one to work sitting on a chair, stool, sofa or while standing. Initially created for the contract sector with the Unifor brand, now it has been enhanced in this “home” version with a series of new finishes made for domestic furniture.
  • Whose idea it is Studio Klass, the design studio founded by Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini. Both IED graduates, they have worked together in Milan for about 10 years, collaborating with various Made-In-Italy companies, always following the same motto: “Designing means trying to solve the problems of real life by reconsidering and confronting archetypes. Innovating can mean walking on tiptoes, step by step.”
  • We chose it because… Innovative, functional, ergonomic, elegant…This workstation includes all the best qualities required for agile, efficient and classy teleworking.



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