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Tubes, radiator Trame

| Designbest editorial staff


ndulated, soft, dynamic; this is Trame by Tubes in brief. Trame by Tubes is the perfect radiator to keep us warm throughout winter. It keeps radiating warmth even when it’s turned off, plus it looks like a woven jumper.


  • What is it? Trame by Tubes is a radiator with a woven structure.  
  • What is special about it? It’s in woven metal, it’s frame brings to mind a wicker basket or a woollen jumper and you can mount it either landscape or portrait. Trame adds a decorative touch.
  • How is it made? Trame is in low carbon content steel, it’s available as a hydraulic radiator, electric radiator or with mixed supply. Trame is available in different sizes that go from 52,5 cm and 196 cm, it can be installed either vertically or horizontally, and it’s tubular components come in a choice of three different diameters (Trame 14, Trame 20 e Trame 28).
  • Who is it by? The Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni is known for designing superior quality home accessories, pieces that are always ahead of the curve. Stefano’s design style is ironic, futuristic and practical: to enjoy everyday life with a smile on our faces.
  • We have chosen it because... Trame by Tubes resembles a tapestry or a woven fabric panel: it creates warmth even when off.


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