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Luceplan, lamp Trypta - design Stephen Burks

| Designbest editorial staff


old, sculptural and with a strong decorative appeal, this lamp is extremely innovative: it has two lights as well as a powerful soundproof system. For the right mood.


  • What is it Trypta by Luceplan, a system of pedant, soundproof lamps.
  • What’s special It has panels in decorative fabric you assemble as you wish, a combination of direct and indirect light as well as a system of soundproof panels that reduces noise and transforms every room into a relaxing space. This lamp is a striking example of a design-led product.
  • How is it made The structure is formed by three equidistant soundproof panels, assembled along the axis of the cylindrical aluminium body that has two lights (with separate switches) at either end for direct and indirect light. The panels are clad in a flame retardant knitted fabric: multiple combinations can be created by combining panels of different fabrics and colours, varying their size and the way in which they are assembled (the three panels are available in three colour options and in six different sizes). The central cylindrical body, available in two lengths, is crossed longitudinally by grooves that represent the assembly point for the three acoustic panels, each one has an angle of 120°. Trypa is available in several styles: Flat (with identical panels mounted symmetrically), Shifted (with identical panels mounted at different heights) and Mixed (with panels of different sizes, aligned solely at the top). The two ends of the panel, finished with metal plates, are available in a black or matt aluminium finish.
  • Who is it by From New York,Stephen Burk is a young designer, known on the international scene for his pluralist design concept. With a strong aesthetic, his projects are designed to suit cultural differences and he generally begins from a sole concept to offer different interpretations.
  • We have chosen it because…  It's a lamp, a soundproof system as well as a decorative statement. This lamp has a geometric and almost sculptural silhouette, capable of enhancing any interior and a technical soul that "interacts" with its surroundings, creating a soothing space.  


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