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Tufty Junior Carpet, design Laureline Galliot, Nodus.

| Designbest editorial staff


ufting has an exotic and mysterious sound because, as the mind looks for its meaning, tufting (what’s more, by hand!) remains an obscure technique confined to improbable associations. Thus, in search of its meaning, we ran into an ancient world of wool and yarn handiwork. 

  • What it is  Tufty Junior is a handmade carpet for Nodus, a new and smaller version of the Tufty carpet.
  • What makes it special  As with any handmade carpet, Tufty Junior is a unique piece that, each time it is produced, is as different and original as the hands which made it. Its innovation consists in the creative approach of its designer who reinterpreted ancient patterns of oriental carpets (central medallions, pendants, background, main border, edge and exterior) by using digital touchscreen technology to create its design.
  • How it is made  Tufty is a woolen and viscose carpet that is 10mm tall and made using handmade tufting—a widespread technique in India (where the carpet comes from) in which the artisan either inserts, manually or using a mechanical tool, each strand on a custom-made support without knotting the yarn. Tufty Junior has a 190x260 cm extension and is available in other dimensions on request.
  • Whose idea it is  Tufty Junior is a project by Laureline Galliot, the young French painter and designer whose Paris studio experiments with new solutions through the iPad’s touchscreen interface and the digital technologies of virtual modeling and 3D printing. Her work is a sign of the renewal of the relationship between industrial design and mass production. For Nodus, she has designed the carpets Tufty, Tufty Junior and Smoked Wood.
  • We chose it because…  Tufty is the surprising synthesis of a union that today still seems like a contradiction: a tactile creative impulse and digital technology. In her small digital screen paintings Laureline works using instinct and explores, distorts, disguises, dismembers and recreates a physical approach with her fingers, creating the base on which the patient and precise hands of others will materialize her idea.


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