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Twitty by Da a Italia, a table that tweets

| Designbest editorial staff


Twitty by Da a Italia is a table with clean and simple aesthetics and a streamlined silhouette. However, Twitty's whimsical detail is really what captured our attention. And how does it do it? Pay attention to its legs: there’s a little sparrow peering from the whole on the top. Isn’t this adorable? 


What is it? Twitty by Da a Italia is a table with a quaint sparrow detail.

What is special about it? With a tiny detail, Twitty turns a simple minimalist table into a poetic and most evocative piece. The fact there’s a little sparrow perched on the legs of this dining table is such a fun quirky detail.

How is it made? Metal frame and a tiny glass whole on the top in Calcaterra marble. And there’s a ceramic sparrow perched on the table legs, which you can see from the whole. Top also available in lacquered wood fibre perched or in a molten finish.

Who is it by? Designers Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza are the founding partners of studio Angeletti Ruzza. They are also a couple in real life, they teach product design and design pieces with clean aesthetics and a touch poetry.

We have chosen it because… Have you been outdoors with birds trying to steal crumbs from your table? Well, this is precisely the idea behind Twitty by Da a Italia, which brings a poetic reference from the natural world to our homes.  

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