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Lapalma, stool-small table Aaron - design Pio & Tito Toso

| Designbest editorial staff


is time to get back to your social life, enjoying a happy hour in comfort and functionality… while giving a hand to social distancing. By taking a look at our daily routine we can discover how a piece of décor—the classic stool—can come to represent a ritual that confirms the end of a day of work and commitments. What better occasion to reconsider it by integrating a new, extremely useful function for practicality and comfort?


  • What it is Aaron by Lapalma is a stool designed with an integrated table that has various uses: writing, reading, eating, drink, or working.
  • What makes it special It can be understood just by looking it. It’s a successful synthesis in design of the actions and activities that mark people’s everyday lives. It does so all by observing how they sit and move inside and outside of the spaces of home design.
  • How it is made It is made up of by a metal frame that splits into two—on the one side, a comfortable padded seat and on the other, a rotating surface. Thanks to its functional versatility it is especially fit for the contract furniture sector—from a light office to food service—because it brings out the best concepts in relaxation, work, waiting and conviviality. It is available in two heights (78 cm high with a footrest, 60 cm high without a footrest).
  • Whose idea it is Pio & Tito Toso
  • We chose it because it is a contemporary, compact and versatile project without forgetting its aesthetics, which recall the colors and features of the Pop Generation, with all its anticonventional and revolutionary power.


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