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Unopiù, collection Tweed - design Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli 

| Designbest editorial staff


classic woolen fabric inspires this outdoor collection to which it not only lends its name, but also its decisive and elegant character. Through a combination of modernity and tradition, it gives the house a uniquely contemporary, year-round style.


  • What it is Unopiù Tweed, the outdoor collection in steel and teak.
  • What makes it special The idea comes from tweed fabric, which in this collection transforms into an original blend of brushed steel and teak. It’s a contemporary vision that fluctuates between tradition and modernity and plays with tactile sensations and material contrasts: the cold of the steel and the warmth of the wood allow for year-round furniture.
  • How it’s made It is composed of a brushed steel frame that acts as a structure to which the teak is combined on two distinct levels (as if they were warp and weft). The cushions are instead 100% unlined acrylic fabric, available in many different colors.
  • Whose idea it is Marco Paolelli and Sandro Meneghello, Milan-based Italian designers who have worked in the studio of the same name since 2007. Designers and strategic consultants for companies, they have a cross-cutting vision of industrial design which has earned them numerous international prizes (including the 2017 ADI Lazio “Excellence in Design” for this very collection).
  • We chose it because… The armchairs and sofas have an asymmetrical but decisive style that is able to simultaneously give lightness and character to every environment. The soul of true design coupled with a spirit of yesteryear, reinterpreted through a modern vision, makes them perfect not only for the outdoors, but also for creating a cozy space in the living room.


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