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System for planters and containers Urbn Balcony, design Meneghello Paolelli 2020, Unopiù.


| Designbest editorial staff


f we are lucky enough to have a balcony, we’ve come to appreciate it more and more with each passing day. Not only for the spring, but also because for weeks it has been the only outdoor space where we can go and cheer ourselves up. Therefore, it is inevitable that we start looking at it with greater attention and wonder how to make this suddenly vital space more welcoming, livable and organized, especially if it is small. 
In a collaboration between an historical Italian outdoor furniture company and a team of young but established product designers comes a refined system for transforming even the smallest of balconies into a fresh and welcoming outdoor room.


  • What it is  Urbn Balcony is the new multifunctional outdoor system for balconies and terraces proposed this year by Unopiù
  • What makes it special  Urbn Balcony is a modular system that gives new dignity to our balconies and brings out their full potential. With youthful, fresh, minimal and refined design and super-resistant materials, it allows us to organize plants and containers with elegance and practicality, transforming even the smallest of balconies into a classy space for year-round living.
  • How it is made  The versatile, customizable and freely modular system Urbn Balcony is made up of so-called “ladders” to attach to the walls, ceiling or railing— made in wood and available in three widths (37-53-69 cm) and two heights (117 and 265 cm)—with various small, white aluminum cabinets with doors (for storing that which must remain hidden) or nets (for greenhouse use), and a series of accessories—including trays, vases and a drying rack attachable to the ladders’ rungs.
  • Whose idea it is  Urbn Balcony is a project by Marco Paolelli and Sandro Meneghello, product designers and strategic consultants for industrial products and founders of the studio Meneghello Paolelli Associati. With their studio in the reconverted industrial complex of the Pietrasanta distilleries—in the area of Fondazione Prada, one of Milan’s new creative districts—they collaborate with the most important Italian design brands. Their collaboration with Unopiù began in 2016 with the outdoor collection Les Arcs, followed by Tweed—winner of  the 2017 “Design Excellence” award from ADI (Association of Industrial Design)—and the Deauville modular seating collection.  
  • We chose it because…  Now is the time (and it would have been anyway, even if we could leave the house) to rediscover the potential of city balconies. Let’s optimize the necessary containers, take advantage of every last centimeter with an intelligent system, and transform this oft ignored (if not mistreated) space into a youthful, refined, welcoming and perfectly functional outdoor room where we can eat, read, study or even work. 



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