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| Designbest editorial staff


eramic tiles that bring to mind the bewitching appeal of marble and it addition, it exceeds its traditional elegance. This new collection of ultra-thin, oversized tiles in Kerlite is decorated with sophisticated patterns, delicate nuances and bright veining: for a style inspired by the world of haute couture, hallways between past and present.


  • What is it Vanity by Cotto d’Este, marble-effect ceramic tiles.
  • What is special Soft veining, contrasting colours and an elegant aesthetic: here, ceramic perfectly reproduces the material qualities of marble and the final effect is a line of ultra-thin, contemporary tiles that conveys a velvety sensation.
  • How is it made It’s a collection of oversized ceramic tiles in Kerlite – the special technology developed by Cotto d’Este for thin, durable surfaces, integrated with an exclusive reinforcement in fibreglass, versatile and easy to use. The tiles are 6,5 mm-thick are available in two alternative sizes 120x120 cm, 120x260 cm. Besides, it reproduces the aesthetic quality of the most refined types of marble. It’s available in several styles: Bianco Luce; Carrara marble with splashes of silver-tinted light; Bianco Statuario and Dark Brown, brown-tinted Spanish marble in cloud-like nuances available in a “touch” and glossy finish; Touchè in a soft, velvety finish that’s pleasant to the touch too and Bianco Statuario that reproduces the aesthetic quality of a traditional type of marble from the Apuan Alps with a limestone and crystal white-coloured background decorated with grey veining and a “bookmatch” pattern, perfect for a refined effect.
  • Who is it by Cotto d’Este is a top Italian manufacturer of luxury tiles that for over 25 years has produced floor and wall tiles in superior quality porcelain stoneware. Good taste, elegance and Italian style are the distinctive features of a brand that focuses on luxury design and technical excellence. The outcome are surface that convey a sense of poetry and create unique, harmonious styles.
  • We have chosen it because…  Bright, sophisticated, ultra-modern: this collection reproduces in an entirely new aesthetic the traditional qualities of the most refined types of marble. Besides, it transforms it into an extremely modern decoration that adds haute-couture-inspired elegance to walls and floors.


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