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Oluce, lamp Veil - design Samuel Wilkinson

| Designbest editorial staff


cylinder of light that creates delicate reflections and nuances and additionally transforms metal in a special fabric. Veil (the prototype results from Oluce's research into materals) is the perfect lamp: simple, romantic and understated, it redefines the contemporary aesthetic.


  • What is it Veil by Oluce, a lamp in special metallic fabric.
  • What is special It’s simple silhouette hides its complex manufacturing process. It’s made in fact, from a special metallic fabric that confers sparkle and transparency.
  • How is it made A handmade process transforms its special metal fabric into a transparent material. Its cylindrical body is emphasised by a vertical bar in metal painted graphite that rests on a square base in metal.
  • Who is it by Samuel Wilkinson is a British designer with a dynamic, fresh approach that combines form and function. His in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes has led to working in a diverse range of fields, experimenting with new processes and opting for new details.
  • We have chosen it because… It has a poetic lightness, a magical and almost evanescent charm, yet at the same time manages to express determination and character. Veil by Oluce adds personality to the living room and instantly create the perfect feel.


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