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Magis, chair Vela - design Gilli Kuchik & Ran Amitai (Bakery Studio)


| Designbest editorial staff


ractical, comfy, impalpable and hardwearing: what more do you want from a chair? Style, of course. Take a look at this design: It has a contemporary silhouette and a functional structure, extraordinarily simple and sustainable too.


  • What is it Vela by Magis, a new chair in magnesium.
  • What’s special Lightweight, streamlined and apparently delicate, on the contrary this chair is the perfect combination of form and functionality. In fact, it focuses on extreme functionality, not forgetting style of course: you move it and stack it easily (and it’s not bulky) and it’s comfortable and durable too. It’s equally suitable for indoors and outdoors and in addition, it’s made from a stainable material. Besides, it has a striking, contemporary aesthetic.
  • How is it made It has a simple silhouette and a lightweight structure. Made of magnesium, it’s stackable, sustainable, space-saving, comfortable and elegant and in addition, it’s equally suitable for indoors and outdoors (when it rains, the water pours from the holes in the backrest, in fact it was especially designed with this feature in mind).
  • Who is it by The designers Gilli Kuchik and Ran Amitai are the founding partners of Bakery Studio, established in Tel Aviv in 2009. A couple in real life too, they combine their passion for materials, technology and innovation with a multidisciplinary approach. As a result, they have won several coveted international awards.
  • We have chosen it because… This chair explores all the potential of magnesium to create an extremely functional piece. With its simple yet characterful style, this versatile chair is suitable for any décor, whether indoors our outside.


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