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GD Arredamenti, Velvet Profile kitchen

| Designbest editorial staff


he perfect kitchen has a family feel but with elegance that goes beyond the confines of the “heart of the home”, flooding into the living room with a seamless and sophisticated look.


  • What it is Velvet Profile by GD Arredamenti, the kitchen with warm and sleek elegance.
  • What makes it special It experiments with minimal lines and the elegance of a dark wood finish, adding warmth and refinement to the space. Moreover, it alternates open elements with closed ones in the perfect balance between formal order and stylistic lightness.
  • How it is made It is a kitchen in a heat-treated Eucalyptus wood veneer (on the columns and boiserie), with the island unit in matte black lacquer. Minimal and sophisticated, it is characterized by an opening system with a recessed-profile in two versions: a flat I-shaped or a concave C-shaped one. The doors are 26 mm thick and available with an electrified servo-drive.
  • Whose idea it is GD Design, the all-Italian company founded near Treviso in Biancade in 1969. The brand’s design research always turns into timeless and contemporary style with forms and proposals without excess which are geared towards durable materials. Wood plays a big role in all of the brand’s designs: the woodworking department utilizes ash, oak and many other species coming from sustainable forests.
  • We chose it because… It is the emblem of the latest in convivial style. It is both enveloping and sophisticated in an impeccable mix of refined aesthetics and free movement.



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