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Ethimo, Venexia armchair - design Luca Nichetto

| Designbest editorial staff


his enveloping nook with antique allure and a green soul is the outdoor armchair to go with as it is extremely comfortable, stylish and good for the environment. And even if it was made for the outdoors, it is also part of a collection that is perfect in the living room.

  • What it is Venexia by Ethimo, the lounge armchair for the outdoors.
  • What makes it special Its structure imitates a 19th century railing and gives the armchair a retro touch, but it also includes state-of-the-art technology with aluminum shaped by ad hoc molds in order to provide lightness and perfect forms. But most of all, this armchair is a tribute to sustainability thanks to its padded cushions made from recycled materials. The result is a perfect balance of past and future.
  • How it is made Its structure is made up of thin aluminum slats, shaped thanks to special molds made ad hoc in order to ensure the uniformity of all the elements in impeccable harmony. The backrest and seat’s cushions are padded with recycled and waterproof materials and are covered with soft 100% outdoor fabrics. The armchair is part of a collection that includes a loveseat, a chaise longue, and a table with a lava stone or enameled terracotta top available in two sizes.
  • Whose idea it is Luca Nichetto, the Venetian designer born in 1976. Active in interior design for many years both nationally and internationally, he has founded two studios, one in Venice and the other in Stockholm. Eclectic and with a strong propensity for sustainability, he considers design to be inextricably linked to the style and ideas of the company he works for. Speaking of his modus operandi he says, “I don’t want people to recognize Luca Nichetto as a style, I want there to be a bit of me and a lot of the company I am working for in the object.”
  • We chose it because… Regal, enveloping, and bold, yet with a sense of lightness that conveys elegance, this armchair is able to create a modern atmosphere with both classical and contemporary allure. But most of all, it focuses on innovation in order to translate the concept of sustainability into absolute comfort.
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