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Magis, carpet Volentieri - design Inga Sempé 

| Designbest editorial staff


t comes from the conversion of traditional manufacturing, invented by a small Venetian business for the production of 3D textiles, into a refined industrial process that allows the product to maintain its uniqueness and the accuracy of its fine velvet or bouclé details. Let’s find out what it is all about.


  • What it is  Volentieri is a collection of carpets available in two versions: Cornice and Finestra. It is the a debut of a new type of product that completes the offerings in the living room for the designer brand Magis.
  • What makes it special  On first sight, it is not clear if we are dealing with a single carpet or if there are two or three of them overlayered. Finestra and Cornice are in fact playing with space and colors, creating light and refined 3D effects with different thicknesses and contrasting shades, which are highlighted by their multiple corners. The effect is both complex and simple. It creates an almost neutral carpet, lit up by shiny thin stripes, fit for all décor.
  • How it is made Volentieri carpets are hand-tufted, a technique based on sewing machine fundamentals. The yarn is fixed to a prefabricated support by creating a loop on the upper layer. When the loop is cut into two separate threads, a cut pile carpet called a velvet carpet gets made. To definitively join the yarn, a latex and, in closing, a cotton backing are applied. The Finestra series (75% viscose and 25% linen) is made up of soft velvet viscose rectangles separated by thin bouclé weave lines.‎ Cornice (97% linen filament and 3% viscose) is made up of two large matte linen squares bouclé outlined in shiny viscose velvet. The two collections are available in different color variations, from darker to lighter ones.
  • Whose idea it is  Volentieri is a project by Inga Sempé, the French designer who studied at the Ensci (École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle) in Paris, where she was born and opened her studio in 2000. A natural creative talent, Inga is the daughter of Mette Ivers, the Danish painter and graphic artist and the famous illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé, whose children’s books might still be in some of your homes (the most well-known is “Young Nicolas”). In the first twenty years of her business Inga Sempé collaborated with Marc Newson and Andrée Putman and with the best Italian and Scandinavian design brands. Volentieri is her second project for Magis after the Vitrail mirror collection.
  • We chose it because…Velvety and bouclé, words that evoke shine and softness to the touch. Like large and comfortable islands, the Volentieri carpets are an invitation to relaxation. Just by looking at them one feels like rolling on the floor, placing a few pillows around and take everything down to the floor.



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