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Waffle radiator with handle, design Piero Lissoni 2020, Antrax IT.


| Designbest editorial staff


ometimes even just a tiny detail is enough for an object to be transformed, take over new spaces in the home and gain a different use. This is the case with this brand’s project combining high-quality decorative design with technological innovation aimed at energy savings and environmental sustainability. It is a product that, with the addition of an aesthetically striking refined detail, acquires a new piece of comforting functionality.


  • What it is  Waffle is a radiator proposed by Antrax IT in 2018 that this year is being proposed for the bathroom with the addition of an elegant wooden handle.
  • What makes it special  Waffle is a radiator with an unmistakable personality. With its material presence and simple and austere design, it inevitably defines the character of the space that welcomes it. Resulting from an unprecedented experimentation on finishes and materials, this radiator by Antrax IT calls backs to the traditional cast iron radiators with geometric forms and surfaces that seem molded, and it reinterprets them in a modern key. 
  • How it is made  In spite of the texture of its finish that recalls cast iron, Waffle is a radiator made of 100% recyclable cast aluminum with superior heat output and high energy-saving performance. It made up of modules of 61x41 cm that are horizontally or vertically pairable with one another for up to 5 elements. It is available in 11 embossed powder coatings, five of which were developed in collaboration with the designer specifically for this collection, that were conceived to evoke the traditional image of cast iron radiators, even to the touch. It is worth listing the names of the new finishes, because just by saying them they create real textural sounds: Frag, Crag, Lrag, Arag and Mrag. The new towel rail handle is polished and almost “soft” and made in walnut or natural ash wood.
  • Whose idea it is  Waffle is a project by Piero Lissoni, the Milanese architect and designer of minimalist elegance and versatile creative flair. From design to graphics, outfittings and furniture, he combines his austere style and perfection in details to functional efficiency. A prominent figure on the international scene, involved in countless activities in home design, the Waffle project was a particular challenge for Lissoni because it was essentially the first radiator conceived of by the designer.
  • We chose it because…  Obviously, it is not called Waffle by chance. On first sight, the three-dimensional geometric texture of its heating structure evokes the typical squares of the griddle used to cook these typical Nordic treats. And, in summer or winter, we can play on the splendid double meaning of an austere and textural abstract piece or of a beautiful hot griddle that seems to give off the smell of sweets.



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