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Candy, oven Watch&Touch

| Designbest editorial staff


smart oven which comes one with a flick of the wrist; this is Candy Watch&Touch, the latest by Candy. Candy Watch&Touch has a digital screen instead of a conventional door, and its smart technology is bound to turn cooking into child’s play.


  • What is it? Watch&Touch by Candy is the latest oven with touch technology.  
  • What is special about it? A 19-inch touch screen replaces the conventional door, and its smart technology lets you monitor what’s cooking step by step (event remotely thanks to its App). Plus, it has a built-in camera so you can check progress from your Smartphone or tablet.
  • How is it made? Candy Watch&Touch has an intuitive 19-inch touch screen, which even recommends recipes and guides you with practical tutorials. Plus, you can check progress from your Smartphone or tablet. It has a built-in HD camera (so you can look inside the oven without having to open it), wireless connection, simply-Fi App and over 70 different programs which recommend the best way to prpare your favourite dishes (even according to how many people you have to serve). There’s an on-and-off button, or you can use it manually. 
  • Who is it by? Set up in 1945, Candy is the European leader in the world of large-scale appliances (Candy brought out the first washing machine on the Italian market). Innovation, energy saving technology and safeguarding the natural environment, simple technology easy to use; this is what matters the most. In fact, Candy works hard to make your life easier, bringing out appliances which rely more and more on smart and intuitive technology.
  • We have chosen it because… With Candy Watch&Touch, even the most hopeless of cooks can experience a little MaterChef magic. With its step by step tutorials, anyone can cook roasts, soufflés or cakes without much hassle at all. This is the ideal oven!


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