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Flaminia, shower tray Water Drop 'Nuvola'

| Designbest editorial staff


icture this: a pebble which makes concentric circles in a pool of water. And now, think what it would mean to have the very same effect in your own shower. Water Drop, the popular shower tray designed by Luca Cimarra for Flaminia, does just this. Now, Water Drop comes in a new “Nuvola” version, as well as an extra-large size which has just been launched at Cersaie 2016.

What is it? Water Drop by Flaminia is a shower tray with a 3D pattern.

What is special about it? Water Drop calls to mind a pool of water, plus it brings an immediate sense of calm to your bathroom. And it’s extra-large size won’t make you regret not having a bathtub.

How is it made? Ceramic with a three-dimensional texture; this references rings in a pool of water. It can be mounted on top or flush to the floor, and it’s now also available in six different sizes and in a variety of different colours and finishes. It’s extra large size is 80x160 cm.

Who is it by? Designer Luca Cimarra is known for his extraordinary work, which he explains with a quote from famous Italian film director Federico Fellini: “all things have a mysterious side which needs to be nurtured”. His poetic design style is incredibly evocative and every single design is a unique and unmatched piece, able to predict trends and people’s needs. Luca’s work has a subtle kind of elegance, the right design to enter your home on its tippy toes.

We have chosen it because… Generally, shower trays are seen as simple pieces, which are often also invisible. However, Water Drop is an immediate stand-out, yet it does this without being too loud. Now that Water Drop is available in a variety of different sizes, it’ll be on everybody’s wish list.



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