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Novodomo, Wildframe table

| Designbest editorial staff


ith industrial style, refined allure, artisanal detailing and technical innovation, this table joyfully plays with contrasts in order to try out a new type of contemporary elegance that immediately leave its mark.

  • What it is Wildframe by Novodomo, the table that reinterprets industrial style.
  • What makes it special With a metal rod structure and a ceramic top, this table plays with material contrasts in order to reinterpret classic industrial style in a contemporary key.
  • How it is made It has a metal rod structure, 12 millimeters in diameter, which is available in a white, black or graphite finish; alternatively, it can be treated with an artisanal process of acidification and burnishing. Meanwhile, the ceramic top is available in various finishes. It measures 215x104x74 cm.
  • Whose idea it is Novodomo, the Treviso brand that has always believed in the marriage of technology, tradition, innovation and craftsmanship. Originally focused on leather processing, Novodomo has always maintained a strong link with the local territory, staying in contact with the sector’s leading companies. Today its work ranges from chairs and tables to mirrors. Its modus operandi calls for prized raw materials and a will to experiment in order to propose modern lines that know how to amaze, ones that can be inserted into a contemporary context by redefining them with a distinctive touch.
  • We chose it because…Simple, austere, and bold. This table encapsulates the entire knowhow of a company that has made high-quality experimentation its strong suit. Its style is a perfect combination of craftsmanship and innovation because it gives us the slightly rustic allure of industrial style, but with a contemporary twist and brand-new elegance.



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