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Aran Cucine, kitchen Erika

| Designbest editorial staff


ne of the main locations of domestic life, the kitchen has recently had to contend with a real and true forced occupation.What better chance to test its efficiency, practicality and pleasantness than by spending much more than the usual amount of time cooking dinner?

What has certainly emerged from this is the need for fresh, lively and practical décor that is in line with modern style while also being capable of welcoming various contemporaneous activities (i.e. grappling with making homemade bread while on the other side of the table the children are dealing with their online lessons).


  • What it is Erika by Aran Cucine is a kitchen project that focuses on rational solutions, modularity and efficiency. With special attention given to its aesthetics and material solutions, it is able to ensure the greatest amount of functional and compositional customization, while being fit for both small and large spaces.
  • What makes it special Erika is more than a simple kitchen, it is a design family. It is a versatile, refined and elegant furniture system, which gets expressed through the search for materials, textures and colors. All of this without forgetting the minute attention it gives to every single structural and finishing detail. It is a vision of extended sociality that even touches—thanks to the layout of shelves, containers and fitted walls—the living room, which becomes an integrated part of it.
  • How it is made Erika is a complex system of fitted containers, counters, islands and peninsulas, wall units, cabinets, shelves, infills, tables, wall-mounted systems, and multifunctional drawers. Particular care has been reserved to the design details and choice of finishes (matte and glossy), textures and colors, with this year Beton Grey and Silk Grey being added. Finally, there are two dimensions for the Erika series—one with a base height of 70.5 cm, the other with a base height of 78 cm. It offers expanded and more spacious modularity capable of satisfying various biometric needs.
  • Whose idea it is The Erika series comes from the long and extensive experience of Aran Cucine. Attention to evolutions in taste and functional needs, in a complex and multi-faceted space like the kitchen, has brought to company to develop their own internal team of designers who are capable of combining technological and manufacturing research in order to offer products and systems of the highest quality together with state-of-the-art design solutions.
  • We chose it because whatever the composition, customization is possible with the Erika series. It not only plays with the perpendicularity of its components, but can draw on curved elements and soften their lines. The result is an evolved aesthetics that plays with full and empty spaces, glossy and matte finishes, natural wood and smooth surfaces—mixing form and function with supreme balance.


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