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Carpet Le Cycle, design Matali Crasset, Nodus.

| Designbest editorial staff


orld Wildlife Day has just passed, the day dedicated to spreading awareness on themes of biodiversity, sustainability and the protection of all living creatures—from endangered animals and plants to us humans who, with a slowness unworthy of our proverbial intelligence, have finally started to understand that we cannot continue at this rate.

In the world of design there are many artists, designers and architects that have in various ways taken the themes of sustainability and respect for nature to heart; and there are many companies that have been revising their industrial processes, modifying their choices in materials and doing research into eco-compatible production systems in order to go green. Then there are brands that have always been historically and culturally green, and whose collections have continually given attention to humanity’s age-old capability of living in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

So today we wanted to combine the theme of safeguarding our ecosystem with eco-conscious designer creations in order to protect of our planet’s animal and plant life; these are creations where the message does not hide itself and is plain for all to see. They lie right under everyone’s eyes as we are dealing with carpets. These are handmade carpets with authentic materials, coming from the cultural crossroads of East and West in skilled and ethically certified manufacturing, as envisioned by an enlightened manager like Andrea Galimberti of Nodus.

Designed by the designers Aldo Bakker, Estudio Campana, Matali Crasset, StudioJob and Lorenzo Palmieri, we encounter a lion that wants to come out of the knotting, a vanishing monkey, a big leaf whose filaments extend with tufts of morning glories, a complete pantheon of animals also portraying our tools of destruction, a dandelion—the so-called lion’s tooth or in this case its delicate fluff—and lastly with the representation of a lifecycle—an unmistakable message where a tree’s human-shaped roots reunite with its foliage. A continuous circular motion that cannot be broken.



This official outreach video for World Wildlife Day 2020 was created with the generous support of Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).


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