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Dada, kitchen System XY - design Francesco Meda

| Designbest editorial staff


he kitchen now is part of the glocal world and Dada, the Italian brand of the Molteni group whose strong point is high-end kitchens, couldn’t help but present us with a modular and flexible system that responds to the new needs of contemporary home design. The new project XY, previewed for 2020, bears the signature of Francesco Meda who, being inspired by Cartesian coordinates, proposes us with a functional, well-equipped and custom-made system. It is a dynamic and tidy kitchen that moves on horizontal and vertical tracks and even includes a home working setup—for the perfect alchemy of conviviality and style.


  • What it is XY by Dada, the new modular and flexible kitchen system.
  • What makes it special It is a flexible and dynamic system, rigorous in its functionality, that allows us to create an extremely practical kitchen space with a well-defined style. It offers a rationally elegant solution that perfectly reflects our new lifestyle.
  • How it is made It is a universally equipped and custom-made system that can be matched with various Dada kitchen models, expanding to the wall or an independent island. Its name recalls Cartesian coordinates and the system develops vertically and horizontally through various extruded aluminum profiles. A central channel makes up the project’s primary axis and includes fitted containers (knife and cutting board holders, spice and condiment racks, compartments for electrical outlets, extractor hoods and dish racks), while the profiles that make it up can host various sliding accessories, in addition to the 130x130 cm square top that can be used as a table. The system also includes mountable elements that go upward for a system of aluminum and wood or stainless-steel shelving. On the lower part of the shelves there is an LED light positioned in the compartment, while the rods that hold up the shelves are able to host a profile that is useful for inserting tracks with slideable hooks for utensils, wine glasses, paper dispensers etc. Thanks to the extreme flexibility and the many accessories one can create countless configurations depending on one’s needs to experience the kitchen to the fullest (even for working). All the materials utilized and the manufacturing processes are aimed to be as sustainable as possible and recycled.
  • Whose idea it is Francesco Meda, the eclectic and curious Milanese designer born in 1984. He collaborates with the major Italian design companies and loves designing functional and practical solutions but with an eye always towards the future. Speaking of this system he says, “the main difficulty was thinking of a cross-cutting and functional product made through a simple and non-invasive system so as to be able cohabitate with existing kitchens. So I started with the idea of offering a new way of using the kitchen thanks to the integration of different accessories.”
  • We chose it because…  The kitchen has gone from the heart of home to the glocal world, where sociality and work coexist in a cross-cutting and continually evolving way. This modular and “transforming” kitchen is the perfect expression of this new way of living. Practical, versatile, elegant and stylish, it keeps everything tidy and within reach, and continually conforms to the space’s and to our own needs.


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