Fabio Novembre

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Photo credit: Stefania Spadoni
Photo credit: Stefania Spadoni


abio Novembre, despite a surname (Italian for November) which evokes gloomy and autumnal days, is the summer, light and fire of Italian design. In the nineties, during his début, this enfant prodige, in contrast to a then prevailing minimalist trend, proposed an explosion of colourful bold shapes. This flamboyancy is typical of Fabio's roots, inspired by the baroque architecture of the city of Lecce, Puglia, south Italy, where he comes from. An explosive personality has helped Fabio Novembre become the real pop-star of Italian design, also making him known to an international public. In fact, he was amongst the first designers to be photographed on the cover of magazines; even having, as a very young designer, retrospectives dedicated to him, captivating, in this way, the general public. Throughout the years, his creative energy and great vitality, even at times a little bit irreverent, has left an unforgettable mark on the world. Fabio Novembre has often hid behind a glamorous public image worthy of Le Croisette in Cannes, but for those who know how to read him, he has the “spirit of a child”. Throughout his career, he always designed pieces full of his original creative style, adding a bold and colourful touch to the world.

What does the word beauty mean for you?
I believe in identifying ethics with aesthetics. What is good and what is beautiful have to coincide, this is the meaning of our job. In the future, a search for harmony can turn us into optimists.

What's the first item, room or place you remember?
I think that our deepest memories come from when we were in our mother's whom. I think that my view on architecture comes from those nine months of symbiotic harmony.

Is there an object you cannot live without?
Even if I design objects I don't fully depend from them.

What's you secret corner or hiding place?
My secret hiding place are the people I love. There isn't a physical place where I feel protected because I like to live life in full view. Only affection is protection.

Which room in your home do you identify with the most?
I like all the different actions which happen in a house. In fact, my ideal home doesn't foresee separations but allows cohesion.

Do you allow ugly objects in your home?
As a consequence of my idea of beauty, ugly objects are absolutely banned.

What does “design” mean for you?
I consider design in the widest possible sense: for me, it coincides with human inclination to change to adapt to the situations around us. Then everything lies in understanding what one means with “adapting”...

If you could be an item of design, what would you like to be and what object you wish you had invented?
Perhaps I would like to be a mobile-phone, an object which has become so intimate with our lives, which we hold, which we care about and which keeps us in touch with each other making our lives a lot easier. Then, because life has a higher price than anything on this planet, I would have been extremely proud if I had invented penicillin.

What bores you and what amuses you?
Every thing which is at the same time boring and amusing. They are different points of view. Their constant succession is necessary to keep alive our perceptive ability.

If you weren't Fabio Novembre, who would you like to be?
I already am who I want to be.

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