Karim Rashid

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arim Rashid forced his way into the world of design with a jolt of colour, that same “colour which drives the world”, to use his own words. Above all, he legitimised pink, the colour of many of his outfits, which has become a sort of a signature for Karim. Eclectic designer with an unlimited creative vein, Karim Rashid represents the most glamorous and sensual part of the world of design. Egyptian by birth, Italian-Canadian by education and New Yorker by adoption. Karim Rashid shaped his own dreamlike world with soft and curvy lines, plastic and colour in more than 3000 projects. His creative flair influenced brands all around the world, from Cartier and Veuve Veuve Clicquot's luxe to Artemide, Alessi, and many more, finally leading him to engage with visionary architectural projects. His unlimited inspiration, acclaimed and showcased in many museums, offers each year new versions of a surprising and contemporary world.

What does the word beauty mean for you?
I believe that beauty is a seamless combination of the inner and outer. Like an abstract painting we consider beautiful because below the surface there is content. The conscious is the outer the subconscious is the inner. They should be inseparable to imbue beauty. I believe beauty is transparent and honest.

What's the first item, room or place you remember?
I can remember the countless objects I had in my bedroom as a child that played a significant and formative role in my life. They were all brightly colored plastic. I also loved all my life fluorescent colors and digitally inspired decoration. I had a Spyrograph toy and I believe that toy made me love wireframes and what I call ‘Infosthetics' - the language of information.

Is there an object you cannot live without?
Art. I love my paintings by Peter Halley, Ryan Mcginness, Gerold Miller, Zimmermann, Julian Opie, Jenn Mann, Dalek, and others. I would also take some of the Sottsass, Michele de Lucchi, Mendini, and Sowden Memphis objects. 

What's you secret corner or hiding place?
I don’t have a hiding place but I am most difficult to get in touch with while at the gym. It is my personal time for exercise, meditation and focus.

Which room in your home do you identify with the most?
The bedroom. It is a private sanctuary and living room. I like to do my work there, answer emails from bed, read coffee and watch TV with my wife after a long day.

Do you allow ugly objects in your home?
Absolutely not! Everything in my home is most aesthetic and functional. The closest thing that comes to ugly objects in my home is food packaging and organic cosmetic packaging. I eat only organic food and too often Organic gives into being too hippy, the branding is all brown, green and leafy when it should be seen as progressive.

What does “design” mean for you?
Design is about revisiting and evolving our culture and physical landscape. It is not about trends, it is not about problem solving, it is not about just form or just function, it is about progress. Form follows subject. The subject is what you must concentrate on to inform form.

If you could be an item of design, what would you like to be?
I would like to be the Lips couch by Salvador Dali and Studio 65 / Bocca+Edra – kissing everyone that came to rest! But let me clairfy, I am not an ass kisser.

What object would you have liked to have invented?
The electric car.

What bores you and what amuses you?
Design and design

If you weren't Karim Rashid, who would you like to be?
Now I would consider being an electronic music composer or a motivational speaker / Guru on Globalove. 

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