Makio Hasuike

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akio Hasuike has brought to us colourful shapes and satchels in clear plastic, signed, as always, with his initials (MH Way). Dreams, ideas, designs of an entire generation of creatives, which the advent of the digital era has confined in a faceless USB drive. Makio Hasuike, Japanese by birth, has been living permanently in Italy for almost five decades, even before starting his own brand in 1968. And now, he is simply the best of the best the Italian design scene has to offer. Since he first opened the doors of his studio, Hasuike has always been at the forefront of the Italian design industry, touching every field from industrial design to architecture, even forming long lasting partnerships with top international names. In a constant search for pure innovation, Hasuike has always paid close attention to what emotions can be raised by choosing the right kind of material. This draws from traditional oriental wisdom, found in all of this pieces and it's this unique know-how which has gathered great interest around the world.

What does the word beauty mean for you?
Beauty is a sensation, something of great impact and it's not only visual. It encourages imagination in a wider and deeper sense.

What's the first item, room or place you remember?
If we limit the time frame to my first memories in Italy, Roman bricks and the distinct scent of the city of Rome.

Is there an object you cannot live without?
I cannot think of an object I'm strongly attached to, however I have strong ties to both my home and my garden. It would sadden me deeply to leave my home in Milan, I also have a second home in Camogli, where there is a large avocado tree, as well as lots of olive and citrus trees.

What's you secret corner or hiding place?
The garden. To observe, touch, take care of my plants is a great pleasure, it soothes me. Plants can be both delicate and tough, as well as demanding and generous. I have a lot of plants which are older than I am and they will definitely live a lot longer than me.

Which room in your home do you identify with the most?
I have built a little hut in my garden, I identify with this little space the most.

Do you allow ugly objects in your home?
Yes, there are a lot of them, but I think it depends on the way you look at them. Most of the time they represent real life.

What does “design” mean for you?
A healthy incentive to live life to the fullest.

If you could be an item of design, what would you like to be and what object you wish you had invented?
I have always thought that the most fantastical thing to have ever been imagined was a flying carpet, simple, lightweight, portable and sustainable. Apart from this, if it were a real object then it would be a nice wooden canoe.

What bores you and what amuses you?
Repeating things without adding new concepts. There are a lot of examples of this, from the world of politics to that of design. However, I find beauty and excitement where there is passion and commitment.

If you weren't Makio Hasuike, who would you like to be?
I have also imagined this eventuality many times over. For me, the most enviable artist has to be Pablo Picasso. And his passion, freedom, strength, well-being and longevity.

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