Patricia Urquiola

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Patrcia in her studio photo by Marco Craig.
Patrcia in her studio photo by Marco Craig.


atricia Urquiola is the living proof that “women” and “design” have more than just two letters in common. Spanish by birth and then, off to Madrid and Milan to study architecture. Patricia Urquiola has interpreted with her own tenacity and a typical Latin temperament, the knowledge passed on to her by people like Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti, just to name a few of her teacher. Throughout the years, Patricia has made a name for herself due to a striking passion for the design process, attention to detail and thriving creativity; these are all clear examples of her femininity. What's more, she has brought to the world of design her own explosiveness and unstoppable creativity. In 2002, she opened her own design studio in Milan, overseeing a variety of different projects and building steady partnerships with many international names. Her designs are things of beauty, yet always affordable and there's no doubt, they make our life more pleasant.  With a rare intellectual curiosity, Patricia is able to hit the nail on the head every time, be it working with a brand, a new material or designing a specific product. This is precisely why, she is able to enchant us every single time, always telling us a new story. Patricia Urquiola is able to dig deep to reach the true soul of any project and this marks her own personal touch and distinct creative flair.


What does the word beauty mean for you?
Development, research, personal identity.

What's the first item, room or place you remember?
A doll's house, however instead of being a traditional house with a pitched roof it was a rationalist house.

Is there an object you cannot live without?
Two rings, which I'm particularly attached to.

What's you secret corner or hiding place?
My roof terrace/ garden.

Which room in your home do you identify with the most?
Possibly the living room, this is a shared space, where you can be with your family and friends. A space to talk, read, listen to music and think.

Do you allow ugly objects in your home?
I allow interesting objects. Aesthetic criteria are relative, not absolute. There are objects I consider interesting, which might be ugly to some. Otherwise, objects, which a few years back might have been deemed ugly and have acquired charm through time.

What does “design” mean for you?
To improve even if only marginally, objects around us, our behaviour, social relations and our environment.

If you could be an item of design, what would you like to be and what object you wish you had invented?
I wish I would have been a lamp by Castiglioni. I wish I would have invented a smart phone, part of the body and not detrimental to our health.

What bores you and what amuses you?
It bores me to follow a single style, it amuses me to see things from an unusual point of view.

If you weren't Patricia Urquiola, who would you like to be?
One of my favourite directors, like Alejandro Inarritu or Xavier Dolan.

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