Lago and a monastery of beauty

Time seems to have stopped in the centuries-old Camaldoli Monastery. Immersed in the Tuscan forest, it is an enchanting place that encapsulates everything there is to Italian knowhow and culture.


The new (virtual) dream home from Living Divani

With a large living room, a dining room, a room with a view and even a terrace, nothing is missing in Living Divani’s home—i.e. its recently inaugurated and exclusive Virtual Apartment which has been furnished with the brand’s 2020 releases.


D Studio, a journey through design in Copenhagen

Are you busy looking for your next holiday destination? Then check out this unusual location which is perfect for design lovers: D Studio, the first retail store from Design Holding, which includes iconic designer brands like B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Arclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen all under one roof.


Peliva, a natural and breathtaking hotel

Holidays are drawing near, and along with them the irresistible desire to discover new destinations. That’s why we have chosen to stop in Thessaly, near the Greek city of Volo.


Villa Etna, architectures of light at the foot of the volcano

Amongst nature and artifice, there appears Villa Etna, a contemporary piece of architecture designed by Iraci architetti. Immersed in the singular landscape of valle dell’Etna, it eliminates the boundaries between inside and outside.


Restaurant H2O: dine underwater in the Maldives

An underwater restaurant seems like a dream, but it is in fact a reality which has been designed by Lago, the all-Italian designer furniture brand. They have continued their partnership with Azemar, the international tour operator, to bring made-in-Italy design to the crystalline waters of the Maldives, taking another step into the luxury hospitality industry.


The lift is a sensorial voyage Ad Hoc

The latest amazing proposal from IGV, a leading company in the creation and production of lifts, comes from a combination of technology, aesthetics and innovation inside a magical box.


The Sereno Hotel on Lake Como: a breath of modernity from Patricia Urquiola

The boutique hotel on the lakeshore welcomes its guests with a breath of contemporary design from the great Milan-based Spanish designer.


Living Divani’s new gallery in Milan

“It is neither showroom nor a store”, begins Piero Lissoni as he introduces the Living Divani Gallery, a new space that will be inaugurated by the brand in the heart of Milan on September 12, 2020.


D’O’s new recipe is wellness

It is written D’O, but can be read “cucina pop”, because Davide Oldani’s D’O restaurant in Cornaredo, in the province of Milan, has always had a more concrete and less random idea of cuisine: high-quality food without sky-high prices.