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| Designbest editorial staff


It’s called Seventyfive Café & Lounge and it’s the new bistro designed by studio Lissoni Associati in Ponte di Legno, the small ski village in northernmost part of Valle Camonica, about 100 km north of Brescia. Having been called on by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs of wine and refined locales with “(…) international style but proudly made in Italy”, Piero Lissoni wanted to create a contemporary location with an alpine atmosphere. A marriage between typical alpine workmanship and finishing with modern décor. 
You can already tell from faraway that it is in some way “different” from your typical mountain refuge. Even though it is no way gaudy and is in complete harmony with the town’s typical style of larch cladding, with rather small windows for a bistro, there is plenty of attention paid to the details, as with the metal profiling that frames the deep windows.   


The snack bar with a simple wooden table combined with an icon of modern design, the stools designed by  

Harry Bertoia in 1952, still in production by Knoll


From the entrance, ­ the floor and walls’ dark tones dominate. The atmosphere is elegant without being excessively so. There is mixture of refined designer furniture and simple and durable materials like exposed stone walls, wainscoting, lacquered wood cladding, brushed granite flooring or heat-treated wood combined with modern materials like glass and steel. Originally divided into three distinct rooms, the project has transformed the space into three open rooms connected to one another, getting more refined as one moves forward: from the informal bar and refrigerated display filled with bottles, to the central room with benches and more secluded custom-designed tables, and  onto the lounge area furnished like an elegant sitting room with a display of curated wines and a large fireplace where you can gather around to discuss the best vintages.
For those who love the mountains but cannot go without a bit of chic and urbane flair, there is 75 Café & Lounge in Ponte di Legno.


WHERE: Via S. Antonio, 7-5, Ponte di Legno, Brescia, Italy
HOURS: Thurs. – Mon. 7:30 - 00:00 (Fri. and Sat. closure at 01:00)
PHOTOS: Courtesy Lissoni Associati - Credits © Thomas Pagani 


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