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| Designbest editorial staff


ll the radiators that have shaped the history of Antrax IT, a top manufacturer of designer home-heating, take to the stage in a new space of over 300 sqm. 

Named “Sala Mostra” (lit. the exhibition room), this space is located at the headquarters of Antrax IT in Resana, a small town in the Po valley that enjoys the proximity of some the most beautiful historic towns in Veneto such as Venice, Vicenza, Padua and Treviso.

Sala Mostra was created to put on display all the radiators Antrax has designed throughout the years in collaboration with famous architects and designers such as Daniel Libeskind, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, these are all products that were awarded by international panels for their aesthetic quality and technological innovation.
Born from a passion for design, this journey led to the complete transformation of what once was the odious radiator, the same one you were forced to find a place for, into an authentic piece of design. Value added to a piece of furniture that now makes a good impression as well as occupying its rightful place in the world of interior design.

As well as being a meeting point for architects and designers to learn about the different products, Sala Mostra is a working example of a cutting-edge technical system as the radiators on display work at a low temperature thanks to a heat pump powered by photovoltaic panels. Here, you experience first-hand the effects of a technical solution that achieves the ideal temperature reducing energy consumption and optimizing thermal efficiency.
The students of the Design Working Team of ABAV, the academy of fine arts of the Verona-Design School, collaborated on the design of the display area as well. This wonderful programme was started to promote a more direct relationship between the students and their chosen industry.

Where: Antrax IT, 40 Via Boscalto, Resana TV, Italy

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