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ph: courtesy Molteni&C | Dada

| Designbest editorial staff


etting lost in the magic of the Dolomites lit up by the red of the sunset; relaxing in a private jacuzzi with a view on the mountains; enjoying an exclusive atmosphere that restores an immediate sense of wellbeing. The dream of a private refuge where to allow oneself blissful moments of luxurious intimacy becomes a reality in Arua Private Spa Villas, an enchanting place at the foot of the Gruppo Tessa mountain range (just above Merano), surrounded by breathtaking alpine landscapes. 2.5 hectares of nature where the botanical variety of the Mediterranean brush paints a picture capable of reflecting an absolute sense of calm and serenity, while the eyes take in the horizon between the mountains.

At Arua pleasure is connected to wellness—but also to the taste and passion for gourmet, which is not only an ambition but a promise that gets kept. In this exclusive location, architecture, design and nature meet, giving life to a harmonious system that speaks the language of absolute wellness.

The inspiration for the project by Arua comes from the beauty and uniqueness of the typical buildings of Northern Italy, where respect for nature and local style are always among the prevailing values. The well-defined and sleek architecture creates a pleasurable and harmonious contrast with the surrounding landscape and the historic barn, a witness to history going back to 1373.

Surrounded by wildflower meadows, rows of vines, olive trees and forests, the six luxurious villas (whose names celebrate the grandeur of the landscape), guests are welcomed by spacious rooms, large glass windows and private terraces with views over the valley floor. Stone, glass and wood are the protagonists of the outdoor space, while the inside (curated by designers and architects Nicola Gallizia and Wilfried Menz) aims towards the appeal of the visible cement ceilings and rough plaster walls, and the exclusive furniture of Molteni&C | Dada for a sober, relaxed and refined atmosphere.

Large, elegantly furnished and provided with an outdoor space and indoor spa, the six independent apartments were conceived to turn relaxation into a unique and tangible experience. Regenerating energy becomes a real and palpable concept that is reflected in every corner: from the heated minipool with chromotherapy to the partly-covered terraces furnished with deck chairs, from the infinity pool with a breathtaking view to the private saunas available in some of the villas.

Intimacy is the keyword in this resort where every piece of furniture, object and detail tells a story in a perfect marriage of functionality and beauty. The sophisticated style plays with iconic seats and more contemporary pieces like the elegant Paul or Turner sofas, the timeless Chelsea seats and the Arc table; there is the selection curated by the Heritage Collection and the sophisticated and enveloping Anton, Ribbon and Honey beds. In the kitchen, the space becomes spectacular and convivial with the large Prime Kitchen islands by Dada in wood and laminated, embellished by the quartz countertop.

Wellness and freedom become fluid concepts that are reflected inside and outside with a sense of continuity without borders. Each villa offers at least two bedrooms with a private bathroom, a large living room with a kitchen, dining room and an exclusive outdoor space: 300 m2 of panoramic terrace and private spa on the roof of the two villas with an attic, and 100 m2 of garden and terrace for the other four villas. Nature, the essential element of wellness, encapsulates and inspires this exclusive oasis. It gives a unique and personal emotional path that captivates all of our senses.


Where: Arua Private Spa Villas, St. Peter 17, Tirolo (BZ), Italy


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