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Stay at the Bauhaus: a Bed and Breakfast for a real “Bauhäusler” experience

| Designbest editorial staff



ts opening in 2013 shocked the purists but also thrilled globetrotters and those in the know: for the past two years the historical Bauhaus building in Dessau has been offering an exceptional bed and breakfast package.

In the middle of –almost- nowhere, far from the main tourist tracks, the Bauhaus has been given a new, unexpected take. Key hub for German architecture and art between the two great wars, the building was built in 1925, designed by Walter Gropius – pioneering master of the Bauhaus art movement – and has housed the Bauhaus museum since the ‘90s. The Studio Building – or Prellerhaus – was the section for student accommodation, 28 rooms which were once home to some great architects like Josef Albers, Marcel Breuer or Hannes Meyer, and some painters like Paul Klee e Kandinskij.

Today, those houses are let to the public, you can pay affordable rents for a real “Bauhäusler” experience: the large modernist rooms are filled with light and furnished with original pieces or alternatively bespoke furnishings designed by those who inhabited them.

It goes without saying, you will find communal bathrooms, showers and dining house: aristocrats need not apply.   

It’s a unique, almost theatrical experience. Staying at the Bauhaus Bed & Breakfast is like feeling a Bauhaus student yourself: you will be able to dive into a historical place which has both a retro and a modernist feel, testifying the artful projects of the architects and designers who designed all this in the ‘20s.

The nice coffee bar is in Bauhaus style and the store – almost a modernist museum with pieces for sale – are the icing on the cake of a place for design pilgrims. 


Bauhaus, Bed & Breakfast
Gropiusallee 38
Dessau, Germany
+49 340 65080

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