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Nicolette armchair, design Patrick Norguet 2016, Ethimo.


| Designbest editorial staff


n exclusive restaurant and a superb view. Given winter temperatures in Moscow, let’s firstly mention that Buro Tsum also includes a large indoor space; however, as soon as it’s possible, we suggest going outdoors onto the fifth floor terrace (there are plenty of outdoor heaters) and take in the magnificent view of one Moscow’s most evocative areas. 



It’s called Buro Tsum because it is located inside, or better yet, on the rooftop of the Tsum shopping center—Tsum is an abbreviation which means Central Universal Department Store—one of the most famous luxury department stores in Moscow. It is located a few minutes from the Red Square and San Basil’s cathedral, right near the Bolshoi—the theater home to the world’s most legendary ballet company. Starting from the historical building’s Gothic Revival architecture, everything here is rich, luxurious and refined, even the menu (with authentic and refined local cuisine) that not only tourists find striking. There is an opulence that finds its most refined and elegant expression on the enormous and festive panoramic terrace. 



The terrace’s atmosphere is welcoming and warm with its wooden Ethimo décor, plants, pillows and blankets. Organized in small areas, sectioned off by planters with evergreen vines that guarantee privacy to each table, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. We can choose our place among enveloping sofas with high backrests in woven fibers from the Esedra collection, or sit at tables with red or teak armchairs (Nicolette and Costes) and order the chef’s lauded dishes. A combination of high-quality and refined Italian design and Russian dishes makes Buro Tsum a must visit in Moscow, even in winter.

WHERE: Petrovka St. 2, TSUM 5th Floor, Moscow, Russia
OPENING HOURS: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 23:45 | Sat – Sun 11:00 – 23.45 

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