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casaFantini/lake time - Pella - Lago d'Orta (NO) Italy

| Designbest editorial staff


lakeside view, and a dream-like mood. This is what the new boutique hotel Casa Fantini/Lake time is all about, overlooking the Orta lake, right in the heart of Pella, the same town where the Fantini headquarters are located. This boutique hotel was the entrepreneur Daniela Fantini’s lifelong dream, who since she was a little girl would stare at the breathtaking lakeside view, dreaming that one day she would build a secluded retreat there. 


Informal hospitality is the driving force behind this boutique hotel, designed by one of the most sought-after Italian architects around – Piero Lissoni – who is known for championing an elegant and sophisticated type of comfortable style. There are two interconnecting lakeside buildings, a period building and a more recent construction, which are an integral part of the surrounding landscape. Opposite the most recent building, which extends towards the lakeshore, there’s an outdoor living room surrounded by a brick wall; this is a most soothing space framed by cascades of flowers and a covered swimming pool. On the first floor, there are five Superior rooms, four Prestige rooms and two Suites, all with a front view of the lake. Whereas, on the ground floor there is lounge area with large-scale sofas, a fireplace and a wall-to-wall bookcase. 

 The period home, which looks onto the town, has been turned into a most refined bar, opened not only to guests, but also to punters who would like to stop for a quick coffee. 
casaFantini lake time

the bar open to the public, not just to the hotel guests. 

casaFantini lake time

the lounge area, where water and light set the scene.

Timber, stone, light and water define the hotel’s ambience, and create a space where harmony between nature and architecture reigns supreme. In typical Fantini style, superior quality design is everywhere you look, from the communal areas to the more secluded spaces. Here, water is the underlying thread, as well as a passion for the real spirit and traditional crafts of the Orta lake. 
casaFantini lake time

the bedroom with a partition in blue glass that separates it from the spa. 

This location is part of Daniela Fantini’s heritage. It’s precisely because of this that she Daniela has tirelessly worked to enhance it and has played an active part in promoting it. In fact, Fantini/Lake time illustrates Daniela’s passion for the Orta lake and for hospitality, in other words her natural talent to create beauty through design. “Here you can live an emotional experience in true lake time style, with the gentle pace suggested by the mystical aura and quiet of the lake” Daniela Fantini tells us.


“Free-time”: in this day and age this is the new luxury and to “give free-time” is the main aim of the boutique hotel Casa Fantini/Lake time. Here, in this wonderful setting, every little detail has been taken care of and everything has been planned to make you feel at home, looked after and at ease. A unique and exclusive experience, a peaceful environment filled with life’s little pleasures like listening to music, reading, chatting or simply being enthralled by the amazing Isola San Giulio.

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