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CID and Grand-Hornu: where innovation and design meet the Industrial Revolution

| Designbest editorial staff


he first reason why you should visit the Centre d’Innovation et Design (CID) is its location. CID houses exhibitions and events on industrial design and what place could be better than Grand-Hornu; this is a striking symbol of the Industrial Revolution.

This industrial complex, in neoclassical taste, was originally designed to house factory, offices, miners’ homes and every other aspect which revolved around the driving force of nineteenth century Belgium: coal. In other words, this is a remarkable example of urban functionalism.

This historical and logical link, which brings the dawn of the industrial age and the world of design together, is perhaps the best way to view CID. After all, design is possibly one of the most interesting by-products of the industrial age and consumer society.

Grand-Hornu also houses the important Musée des Arts Contemporains, which is clearly worth a visit. However, exhibitions at CID are not to be missed, especially if you are looking for a place centred on design. Through itineraries and displays,  designers shows studies on shapes and materials and even answer questions on our relation with objects. Temporary exhibits are displayed side by side and in succession; this highlights the narrative intent of the Centre and a desire to start and encourage a dialogue on all aspects of design.

We strongly advise you to check the website for more information on current events. However, do not doubt that anytime you go, even if spare the moment, you will still manage to quench your thirst for innovation and design. 


CID - Grand Hornu
82, rue Sainte-Louise
7301 Boussu, Belgium

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