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The Contraste restaurant in Milan: food and design at play

| Designbest editorial staff


ithout a doubt, one of the most successful ventures of Uruguayan chef Matias Perdomo has been the Contraste restaurant in Milan. Would you like to know his recipe for success?

First of all: Matias Perdomo himself. With his Latin charm and a tendency not to take himself too seriously, culinary prodigy Matias Perdomo even received a Michelin star for his past work at the famous Pont de Ferr restaurant, also in Milan. Friends and exceptional team mates are Argentinean sous-chef Simon Press and Italian maître Thomas Piras.

Then comes design: in the large rooms of an old showroom, white walls and frescoed ceilings act as backdrops to Pedrali furniture. Classic decor and tables and chairs with formal aesthetics contrast with several surreal accents: small clouds used to serve appetizers, large chandeliers in red silicone and a sculpture protruding from the entrance wall.

In fact, not only from an aesthetic point of view, contrasts are another main ingredient and also inspire the restaurant’s name (Contraste is the Spanish plural). The restaurant concept is based on a succession of contrasts and harmonies. Contrasting flavours are cleverly brought together, turning each dish into a game. However, the first game is bridging the gulf between chef and customer. In what way? Even if it has a number of set dishes, the menu opens on a mirror page; this implies clients’ wishes are à la carte. And for those who want to play on, the maitre, by chatting to you, will draw your psycho-gastronomic profile and then serve you a tailor made dish: this experience is both fun and a treat for the palate.

And by now, you might have guessed what the remaining ingredient is: it’s you. So, don’t waste time, at Contraste they are waiting for you!


Via Giuseppe Meda, 2
20136 Milan - Italy
Tel: 0039 2 4953 6597


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