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Dada in Taverna Moriggi

| Designbest editorial staff


n historical Milanese location comes back to life and is offering a new take on tradition with DaDa in Taverna, an evolution of the historic Moriggi tavern.

In the heart of Milan in via Morigi 8, the old tavern (which goes back to 1900) is opening its doors once again after a restyling carried out by the architect Andrea Castrignano, in a perfect balance between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

It respects tradition (the historical building is protected by the Belle Arti) with a conservative and thoughtful restoration and a Dadaist twist. “DaDa, a form of the verb to eat” as the business card goes, it is an avant-garde take on traditional cooking, which includes echoes of the past and futuristic touches like those on the frescoes (covered by the plexiglass panels decorated by the artist Alex Prosperi).

Welcoming us at the entrance, there is a long bar with a view onto the bistro to the right. The restaurant with an open kitchen is instead behind us in an intimate and cozy setting, while the stairs lead us to the tavern which was once a basement and storeroom and today is available for groups of 16-18 people.

With a coffered ceiling, a terracotta floor, unbaked bricks and a barrel vault for the tavern, the architecture exudes all of the appeal of the old Taverna Moriggi, which today gets enhanced by the petrol and aubergine brushstrokes on the walls and chairs, the original wood paneling revisited with DaDa touches, and the dimmable lamps and illuminated puns which create a new DaDa atmosphere.

The new restaurant founded by chefs Paolo Anzil and Giuseppe Davide La Grotteria takes the location’s Milanese soul and reinterprets it. The menu revisits traditional dishes which invite us to abandon our prejudices and prepare our senses for an original combination of art, food and design.

If on the one hand, there is the classic spezzatino stew (in an original “improvised” recipe) and the timeless and classic (but not too much so) saffron risotto, on the other hand there are modern flavors which reawaken a taste for experimentation. We are invited to discover the ten points of the DaDa manifesto in the Taverna, starting from “Tradition always comes before innovation”, an ode to the creative influences which hope to emphasize and surprise us with the genuine Milanese flavors.

From DaDa in Taverna you can sip on a cocktail seated on a 20th century style wooden bench, treat yourself to a brunch with an elegant table setting or enjoy a dinner among Carrara marble tables. An experience to enjoy a family atmosphere, good food and futuristic ideas is awaiting us.

Where: DaDa in Taverna Moriggi, via Morigi 8, Milan, Italy



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